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Slack Auditing with Precision

Embrace a smarter, faster, and more organized way to audit your Slack messages, tailored by Haly.


"EasyAudit has revolutionized the way we find information in our team. It saves us valuable time by instantly retrieving relevant results from our Slack conversations. It's like having a personal search assistant right at our fingertips!"
Steve Bonham
Senior Software Engineer at Raytheon
"Thanks to EasyAudit, I no longer have to spend endless hours scrolling through old messages to find the information I need. It's incredibly efficient and accurate, allowing me to quickly locate important details and references. It's a game-changer for productivity!"
Alex Bostandjiev, Ph.D.
Principal Software Engineer at Oracle
"EasyAudit has been a game-changer for our remote team. It has made collaboration seamless by enabling us to easily share and retrieve information without having to dig through countless channels. It's like having a superpower that enhances our communication and productivity!"
Jordan Holloman, MBA, MHA
Product Manager at Teladoc


Efficiency Boost

Haly significantly cuts down the time and effort required to sift through Slack channels and messages by employing advanced semantic search technology. This ensures that you can quickly zero in on the information relevant for compliance auditing without getting bogged down in endless threads.

Compliance Assurance

With its tailored focus on PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance standards, Haly acts as your safety net, ensuring that your Slack communications adhere to necessary regulatory frameworks. This assurance can be crucial in avoiding hefty fines and fostering trust with stakeholders.

Seamless Integration

Haly integrates seamlessly with your Slack environment, making the auditing process feel like a natural extension of your daily workflows rather than a disruptive chore. This seamless integration promotes consistent auditing practices and enhances overall operational fluidity.


  • Natural language search for intuitive and conversational information retrieval
  • Advanced semantic search for accurate and relevant results
  • Quick filtering options for narrowing down search results
  • Intelligent inductive reasoning for related messages and topics
  • Efficient indexing and organization of Slack messages

How It Works

With EasyAudit, auditing Slack is incredibly simple. Just install Haly in your Slack workspace, add her to channels you want indexed, and she seamlessly integrates with your public existing messages and conversations. When you need to audit for something, use the intuitive search interface to enter your query in plain language.

EasyAudit's advanced semantic search technology will analyze the context and meaning behind your query, delivering accurate and relevant results. With EasyAudit, navigating and auditing information on Slack has never been easier.


How does EasyAudit work?

EasyAudit uses advanced semantic search technology to analyze and understand the context of your Slack conversations. It indexes and organizes the information, making it easily searchable and retrievable with just a few keystrokes.

Can EasyAudit search within specific channels or conversations?

Yes, EasyAudit allows you to search within specific channels or conversations. You can narrow down your search by specifying the channels or conversations you want to search in, ensuring that you find the information you need quickly and accurately. However, it only does so in public channels and not private conversations.

Are messages from public channels indexed by EasyAudit?

Yes, EasyAudit indexes messages from public channels where Haly has been added. This means that conversations in those channels can be searched and retrieved using the EasyAudit feature.

Is EasyAudit secure?

Yes, EasyAudit is designed with security in mind. It adheres to strict security protocols and ensures that your data is encrypted and protected. Only authorized users within your Slack workspace can access the search results.

Can EasyAudit search for files and attachments?

Coming soon! EasyAudit will be able to search for files and attachments that have been shared in your Slack conversations. This includes documents, images, PDFs, and more. It's a convenient way to find specific files without the need to dig through various channels.

Does EasyAudit support multiple languages?

Yes, EasyAudit supports multiple languages. It can understand and process search queries in different languages, making it inclusive for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Can I search for specific keywords or phrases within the search results?

Yes, you can refine your search within the search results by using specific keywords or phrases. This helps you narrow down the results and find the exact information you're looking for.

Does EasyAudit require any additional setup or configuration?

EasyAudit is designed to be easy to use and requires minimal setup. Once integrated into your Slack workspace and with Haly added to public channels, it automatically indexes and organizes your conversations, making them searchable without any additional configuration.

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