Unlock the Power of Haly's Services: Your Expert Guide to Success

Experience a World of Possibilities with Haly's Comprehensive Range of Services to help you audit your Slack workspace and ensure compliance.

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What we do

  • AI-powered Efficiency: Drive productivity with Haly's intelligent assistance
  • Personalized notifications: Discover tailored options to understand your organization's compliance posture
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Ease: Use natural language to audit
  • Streamline Your Compliance Process: Experience streamlined auditing and training with Haly
  • Boost Compliance Collaboration: Have your entire team collaborate with Haly on regulations and certifications
  • Advanced Auditing: Easily find non-compliant messages

Haly AI Integration

Haly plays a transformative role in augmenting and enhancing human productivity and innovation in the workplace. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and seamlessly integrated into Slack, Haly allows teams to access suitable information fast without incurring the historically high costs associated with gathering information such as data modeling, tooling, and research.

Our chatbot interface lets you interact in a conversational way, which we feel is the future of user interfaces.

Unique Features

  • Generates training material, content, email newsletters, and more!
  • Provides back-and-forth conversation in any language
  • Answers questions on a broad range of topics and an expert in regulations and compliance
  • Translation services
  • Help keep your organization compliant (EasyAudit)
Haly with slack bot overlayed.

AI Complaince Slack Bot

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