Design your life

UpMortem's mission is to empower Slack users to design the lifestyle they desire through the assistance of our AI assistant, Haly. Haly, created by UpMortem, helps streamline workflow and increase productivity, allowing users to focus on their goals and aspirations.

Our world-class team


Founder, Entrepreneur, Open Source Lover, Leader, Manager, Engineer, AI Expert, Distributed Systems PhD and a big Slack fan

Chief Engineering Officer

Founder, Open Source Champ and Former Teladoc Lead Engineer

Chief AI Officer

Founder, Talented Developer, AI Enthusiast, and Open Source Champion


Founder, Driven Individual, MBA, Technical Program Former leader at Raytheon

Dan Garza
Chief Information Officer

IT Lead, Mindset Motivator, Passionate about people, processes, and World-class Service

DevOps Leader

DevOps Enthusiast, Open Source Champion, and loves to swim

Executive Assistant to Raj

Executor, Organizer, Reliable and Efficient

AI Assistant Slack Bot

Free up your mind with Haly